Introduction of Sofie

Sofie Magnusson

Sofie Magnusson

Conversation Design @ Narratory

Hi everyone, Sofie here! I am beyond glad to join Narratory as a conversation designer.

Dialogues have always fascinated me. This ability for us humans to communicate, to put words together and project our inner selves by speaking or writing. There is nothing more powerful than that. I love watching how conversations flow between humans, this ping pong-like activity of listening, and sharing, and breaking new grounds just by exchanging inner thoughts with someone else. It’s really the greatest thing, and just the thought of being able to have that same kind of natural exchange with a computer makes the inner child of me burst of excitement.

The vision of the past, the dream of the future

I discovered computers before I discovered anything else in life. I drew my pictures in Paint and I learned to write using Microsoft Word. As a kid, I felt most comfortable and at home in front of my computer. I clearly remember having this sticker on my screen, saying “you are my best friend” and how others kind of laughed at it, seeing it as a joke. But I really meant it. No one understood me like my computer did. It always gave me what I wanted in order to be happy. And there was nothing I wanted more than to be able to talk to it.

Hello Robot

Fast forward twenty years, and here I am. Embarking on the field that is giving me all the tools to create and give life to that best friend I wanted as a child. Conversation design is literally the combination of everything that I love and have passion for in life. It’s about writing, it’s about understanding, it’s about creating and perfecting the interaction between a human and a machine that runs on code. It’s the vision of the past, the dream of the future, while at the same time, it is the very present. The ability to speak with our computers is here, and has been here for quite some time now, however, we are just getting started.

The very present

Conversation design is a work of art. There is so much more to all this than just writing a script and a few lines of code. The chatbot-field has some serious depth on top of the surface, and I want nothing more than to discover the possibilities of what this technology in combination with splendid copywriting can do. I truly can’t wait to explore and see what I can come up with in this new chapter of my career!

Main illustration: Siddharth Kandoth