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About Narratory

The team behind Narratory is a small group of technology- and dialog-enthusiasts with a background at companies like Klarna, Spotify and Furhat Robotics. We are passionate about building products that make technology more approachable and social since we believe technology should adapt to us and not the other way around.

Fortunately, in 2019, conversational technologies have reached a point where robust, engaging and functional applications is no longer utopia. This was not the case 10, 5 or even 2 years ago. Today, pioneered by huge investments by the likes of Google and Amazon, technologies like speech recognition (speech to text), speech synthesis (text to speech), audio input (thanks to eco-cancellation and huge gains in the far-field microphone field) has paved the ground for fantastic innovations like smart speakers and voice assistants. Millions of homes are already equipped with Google Home and Alexa smart speakers and everyone carries at least one in their phone, but up until now, very few businesses have managed to create engaging applications for these platforms.

Why is this, and why are we so rarely blown away by conversational experiences? We believe that up-until-now, no tool (at least outside game development) has focused enough on making dialog authoring easy enough. With conversations being our most natural way of communicating, we humans intuitively think in dialog and thus any chat or voice app that does not make dialog core will always struggle to engage (on this note, continue reading about our design philosopy in the introduction in our docs).

On a different note, why is it not more common to see conversational experiences? Aside from the above, creating good conversational experiences is really hard and very few people are schooled in it today. Dialog design is still a concept in certain engineering departments but rarely in design-focused schools. Add to that that the market has been dominated by propriatery chat-bot companies that has charged insane consulting fees to bring big groups of analysts in to create solutions that still rarely impress. Why? The bulk of work when it comes to building conversational experiences comes AFTER launching it, when users are actually interacting with it and you realize the thousandes of ways they express themselves in ways you never predicted. Any tool that isn't aimed to support you during this very much iterative build > measure > learn cycles will either never scale or be extremely costly.

We created Narratory to provide a new, dialog-first tool to create chat and voice-apps that scale all the way from prototyping to large-scale deployments and with out-of-the-box support for all major platforms. It's aimed for designers that aren't afraid of code, allowing developers to focus on building business logic and integrations. We hope you will like it. We think you will.

Please get in touch with us if you have business inquiries, if you feel inspired and want to build something or if you want to join the ride.