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Terms of service

The apps you create are yours

The content (apps/agents) you create in Narratory is yours and no-one will ever access it without your consent. Our support technicians will always ask for access to your agents if this is necessery for us to help you with some issue.

We may offer you a chance to highlight the apps/agents you have built for other users or from marketing purposes. This is totally up to you.

We will host your apps

The content (apps/agents) you create will be hosted on our servers. The intents and entities you create will be hosted in Google's Dialogflow service in the Dialogflow agent that you create (or we create on your behalf).

If you delete one of your apps, it is gone

Any app that you have deleted will be completely deleted from our servers. If we created a Dialogflow project on your behalf, we will prompt you if you want to delete the project aswell.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding how to use the Narratory service you can reach us at