Privacy policy

Our complete GDPR-compliant privacy policy is available here. The following is a summary, and a special note on Google and Dialogflow

We gather as little data as we can

We gather the minimum amount of data we need in order to provide a great service to you and to be able to contact you, namely your name and email address.

We will not share you data

In order for us to build an even better service, we are tracking usage data in the app using 3rd party tools, namely Google Analytics. We share no personal data with them, however - i.e the data shared is anonymous.

Your data is yours and we will never share it with anyone without your consent. Ever.

Why do we ask for Dialogflow and Google cloud project access?

Narratory uses the Google-project Dialogflow as a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engine. Thus, every Narratory app has to be mapped to a Dialogflow agent. In order for us to be able to create a Dialogflow agent on your behalf, we will ask you for your Google Cloud Project and Dialogflow scope access.

You can always choose not to give us this access and instead create your Dialogflow project manually, but in order for our service to build the agent for your project, we will need a service account key with a Dialogflow admin API access. We store this key in our restricted database. You can revoke the access of this key at any time.

Owner and Data Controller

Preparty AB, Gullmarsvägen 45, 12039 Årsta, Sweden

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