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  • Bugfixes related to narratory create method and added more robust TS-compilation settings.


  • Adding narratory create command line method to bootstrap new projects.
  • Adding a -d / --debug flag to CLI methods narratory start and narratory chat to provide intent classification, confidence and latency figures.


  • Adding a narratory binary that replaces old npm run commands. Instead, you can now use narratory chat, narratory start, narratory build, narratory validate and narratory deploy.


  • Adding validate function npm run validate that validates your Intents and Entities and outputs a file in /logs with the validation results.
  • Adding support for short-answers on Telephony clients to prevent unnecessary delay due to Google recognizer being slow through a expectShortAnswer parameter on BotTurns.
  • Improved Logging - adding LogMessage interface


  • BridgeTurns now accept an array or strings or an array of BotTurns, allowing conditional BotTurns. The previous option of a single BotTurn is no longer supported.


  • Adding botInitiatives to Agent, allowing you to include BotTurns that aren't in your Narrative to your agent.


  • Added loglevel to Agent and removed fallbackWebhook. Instead, use logWebhook and choose the appropriate logLevel.


  • Bridges can now be BotTurns allowing you to have a richer dialog when returning to narrative


  • Adding SSML support and graphical Rich Content through RichSays See docs on Expressiveness
  • Adding support for Kommunicate chat widgets including rich response support
  • Adding automatic "Can you repeat that" answer that can be disabled on an agent level See docs on Error handling
  • Adding user_text and bot_text system variables for the last said user input and the last bot output, respectively
  • Adding logWebhook parameter to Agent, allowing you to webhook calls for each userTurn to set up your own logging tool See Logs docs
  • Adding id parameter to all bot and user-turns that can be manually set
  • Changing Typescript directory structure to support more dynamic project structures. See below:

Breaking change: When upgrading your app to > 0.9.0, you have to change your tsconfig.json to the following (the rootDir and last row of the include parameter are added):

{    "compilerOptions": {      "outDir": "out",      "rootDir": "./",      "target": "es5",      "lib": [        "es2019"      ],      "resolveJsonModule": true,    },    "include": [      "src/**/*",      "src/**/**/*.json",      "./*.json"    ]  }


  • Added SESSION option to Dynamic Entities and renamed the previously existing options to BUILD and TURN for consistency.


  • Renamed ConditionalSays to RichSays and added support for suggestion buttons for Google Assistant.
  • Added support for Voximplant integration, allowing you to do inbound and outbound calls with your Narratory agent.


  • Added support for fallbackWebhooks so that you can get notified when users trigger fallbacks.



  • Introduced new features related to testing; prepopulating phrases in tests, recording chat scripts and replaying scripts automatically. See testing docs for more info.


  • Added noEntityReset parameter to the Intent interface, allowing you to persist previously set entity values instead of overwriting them with blank values if you have an unfilled slot. This is handy in some slot-filling scenarios. The default behavior is changed to overwrite with blank values unless this parameter is set to true.


  • Command line method update renamed to build (use it with npm run build in your app directory)