Get started with Narratory

Start using Narratory

To get started using Narratory, we recommend either:

  1. Take the 18 minute video tutorial that takes you through the setup process and lets you build your first bot.
  2. Follow the setup guide and then jump straight into learning about the Narratory building blocks: dialog turns

Join the community of creators

We also encourage you to join our creators community on Slack and Facebook. If you run into any issues, don't hesitate to contact us there, or on

Frequently asked questions

Whom is it for?

Most of our users call themselves dialog designers or developers and usually have tried different ways of building bots. Typically, they are tired of the limitations of no-code solutions and appreciate Narratory as a low-code solution allowing them to declare the dialog of their bots using dialog scripts like below (and Narratory does the rest for them):

const queryLearning : BotTurn = {
say: "Do you wanna start learning Narratory?",
user: [
{ intent: nlu.yes, bot: "Lovely, then you are at the right place!" },
{ intent:, bot: "Okay, no problem. Maybe later!" }

Do I have to be a programmer?

No, you don't - many of our users don't consider themselves programmers! You do have to learn some basic programming syntax, but think of it as declaring a recipe for your dialog and not writing a program from scratch.

Our pedagogical video tutorials will give you a gentle introduction.

That said, having a programmer by your side that you can ask about structure once your bot grows, and that can help integrating business systems, is a good idea!

I am using Dialogflow today. Why should I use Narratory?

Many of our users come from Dialogflow and like the fact that Narratory handles context and fulfillment for you. Please see our blogpost why you should build your Dialogflow agent using Narratory.

Where can I see chatbots built using Narratory?

We are working on a demo portal where you will be able to see existing bots built using Narratory. For now, we recommend checking out the example apps (these chatbots are code-examples, so their language models are kept simple for educational purposes):

Who can help me build a bot for me?

We have a network of agencies and dialog designers/developers that are experienced building real-life chatbots using Narratory. Reach out to us and we can connect you with a fitting partner.

I have other questions. How can I reach you?

You can reach us either in creator communities on Slack and Facebook or directly on email at