Setting up Narratory

Follow these instructions to get started building your first conversational app with Narratory.


Creating your Narratory agent

As shown in the (1 min) video below, create your Narratory agent with these three steps:

  1. In your terminal, run npm install -g narratory to install Narratory globally
  2. Sign up to Narratory here and take note of your Narratory key.
  3. Create your agent with narratory create in your terminal.

Connecting a Dialogflow agent

Then, create and connect a Dialogflow agent at as shown in this (1 min) video:

Build and start chatting with your agent

Done! Now you can build and start an interactive chat in the command-line with your bot with narratory start as shown here:

Narratory start

Try to do some changes in narrative.ts and run narratory start again to notice the difference! Also, we recommend to head over to Testing to find other ways of interacting with your new chatbot at this point, or head over to Basic building blocks to start learning about how to build Narratory bots.

All commands

  • narratory start to build the bot and, once created, launch an interactive chat in the terminal.
  • narratory build to build the bot with new content.
  • narratory chat to start the interactive chat in the command-line window. (see Testing)
  • narratory validate validates your language model, allowing you to see if some of your Intents and Entities are overlapping or have other issues.
  • narratory deploy deploys your agent for production use (see Deploying)